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Fun, Hip, Funky Hairtyes & Headbands

hairtyes & headbands

Hairtyes by Caroline is a brand of handcrafted hairtyes and headbands created to save you from the traditional, boring, black rubberband and the dreaded crease they are known to cause in our gorgeous locks. Not only are our products made of the highest quality, but they are colorfast and each one has a no fray, sealed edge.

Are you looking down at that little black rubberband with a metal fastener (gasp!) on your wrist right now...pretty sad, huh? Choose from a giant selection of colors and charms to create a bracelet or two that will look great on your wrist but will be ready to serve as a hairtye at any moment. But beware, you may find them disappearing fast as your friends start borrowing them!

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